Shout out to business professionals and Expats out there!

Are you looking to work and live in Metro Manila? Well for some, living and working around the country’s capital is not ideal. Polluted and stressful environment – that’s enough to put you off. If you are one of those who think Metro Manila is a dirty and crowded place then you are looking at the wrong direction.

When it comes to classy living areas and colourful city life in Metro Manila, Bonifacio Global City is at the top of the list. For busy business professionals, BGC is the top place of choice in terms of living. For expats looking to start a new life in the land of the orient pearl, it sure is one place to juggle between professional and personal life.

Here are awesome reasons why BGC is a great place to live in:

Food and shopping

If you love both, there’s no reason not to live in BGC. It is THE place for your shopping and food needs. From basic commodities and hole-in-the wall food spots to high end gadgets, designer clothes, and hard to find imported groceries! BGC has got you covered. The place offers various food places and shopping boutiques for you to choose from.

Efficient Transportation

You don’t have to worry about getting lost because at BGC, you are found. BGC has its own transport system that’s also eco-friendly. Shuttle buses and e-tricycles are used instead of the traditional jeepneys. There are a lot of taxis everywhere, though finding one during rush hour can still be a pain. Fancy walking? This is a great place for that! Nice roads and side walks allow for a easy walks from one place to the next.

Rich Nightlife

If it’s nightlife you want, BGC got that too! BGC is also famous when talking about nightlife. It has a lot to offer from bars to nightclubs. Every street has its own. Just forget work for awhile, you can party from dusk until dawn and dance the stress away.

World-class condominiums and apartments

When starting your BGC life, you need a place to stay. With BGC’s high class condominiums and apartments, you could not ask for more. All amenities and facilities you need are in one place. These condominiums and apartments might be pricey, but at BGC, everything is strategically placed for you and your family’s needs.

Perfect location

Don’t worry about flooding because at BGC, flood is not in its vocabulary. BGC has an elevation of 111 ft. above sea level. This means you don’t have to worry about swimming in the flood and acquiring different illnesses along the way because unlike other parts of Metro Manila, BGC is a place a storm can’t easily flood.

Of course the busy BGC life might take your time away from cleaning your own nice condominium and apartment. It is still important to have a clean and fresh living home for a better living. Here at Manila Maid, we understand how busy you are. Thus we offer our professional house and condo cleaners to get the cleaning job done for you!

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