Life of living in a Metropolitan area is equally smooth and thorny. And let me tell you the reasons why:

Metro Manila is an amazing place to live in because of two main things, good food, and good places.

First is good food. No one can deny the fact that the diversity of the good food from fine dining to street foods, are all around Manila and most of them are open 24/7! Hello, Tapa King!

You can never run out of new food to eat even if you live here your whole life because of the numerous amount of food that Manila has to offer.


Next reason is different areas livable for the modern crowd. Well, it depends on what type of home you are looking for, but let me tell you that no matter what kind of space it is, be it a condominium or townhouse, especially near malls (which is amazing if you love shopping) Metro Manila has got you covered.

Makati and Ortigas is the best location for busy working individuals who want to avoid the long commute to work. Both areas boast impressive skyscrapers, giant malls, and active nightlife.

Quezon City & Parañaque, north and south are great places for families that crave for bigger spaces and greens.

Pasay and Manila has rich history and character!

However, aside from these pros, living in Metro Manila also its disadvantages. Being in this busy city can be strenuous especially because of the heavy traffic that is unavoidable.

Every so often even after arriving at our safe have, it can feel stressful too when you see the chores waiting to be done when you're already tired from work!

Finding a maid is just like the icing on the top of a disastrous cupcake because finding a yaya or a house helper is very difficult nowadays for the reason that the standard of cleanliness that you require is not met by the house cleaner that you hired or because of trust issues since you leave most of your valuables at home.

That’s why many homeowners these days prefer hiring janitorial/cleaning services from companies like Manila Maid instead of looking for stay-in house help. Because the cleaners’ from these companies are well trained and can keep the house clean in a small amount of time. Plus, they always do an amazing job and with a competitive price based on the size of your home.

This lessens the struggle of the homeowners in terms of finding the right maid, and the worries of entrusting their house to someone they don’t know because even though you hire people from cleaning companies, you do not really hire the person, but the company. And you trust the company because the behavior of their employees is their responsibility.

So you should really scratch that "hire a live-in maid“ from your never-ending to do list and write something like "Call Manila Maid to schedule cleaning” instead.

Booking a cleaning can be done through the following: Website: Phone: 0927-7742962 Email:

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