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It is already common knowledge that one of the most important reasons why you need to regularly clean your home is for better health however, not everyone knows the importance of DEEP cleaning your home at least once or twice a year.

For some of you who don't know what a deep clean is may have heard what spring cleaning is. It is a more thorough cleaning of your home. This means, most areas that are ignored on a regular cleaning will also be touched. From inside kitchen cabinets, to closets, to walls, etc.

If you are clueless on where to begin your condo or house deep cleaning, here are some important tips to follow:

  1. Step one should always be decluttering. Start one room at a time. Set a rule for yourself. If an item has not been used for a year, then get rid of it, either by donating or selling. Deep cleaning will be easier done when there are less things to deal with. Clothes not worn forever? Donate. Too many towels? Donate. Random paper bills from a few months ago? Throw it out.
  2. One room at a time. Start with a bedroom. Do not overwhelm yourself by doing all things at once, unless you have a lot of people to help.
  3. When cleaning a room, always begin from above (ceiling, lights, ceiling fans) going down (wall to floor). This is the most efficient way to go about a deep clean. When all dust, dirt and such are on the floor, that's when you should use the vacuum to make sure everything gets taken out. From there, mop the floor and use a dissinfectant.
  4. Windows should be given attention too. On a normal maintenance home cleaning, windows are often left untouched. Possibly because it's almost always covered by your blinds or curtains. Rememember,all areas of your home gather dust, even if you do your regular cleanings.
  5. Do not use bleach often but definitely use it on the bathroom. Bathroom tiles get dirty and discolored over time. Leave some bleach on for a good 5 minutes to be absorbed, then scrub away. Make sure to use a mask and gloves because using bleach is no joke. It's harsh on skin.

If you, like a lot of people, don't have any free time to take care of your house cleaning, then it's also good to ask the professionals to do it. Here in Manila Maid, we offer deep cleaning service for condos, houses and even offices! All you have to do is give us a call at 0927-727-6803 or send us a request at

We offer deep cleaning or basic cleaning of condos and houses in some ares of Metro Manila such as Makati, Taguig, BGC, Mandaluyong, Mckinley Hill, Eastwood, Greenhills, Malate, Ortigas and more!

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