Isn’t it nice to see your kids organize their own room? As a parent, its make you feel proud that your little one is being responsible. However, not all parents share the same sentiments. Some experience headache and pray for more patience as they fight a war inside their own home.

After playing, the kids toys are everywhere without concern only to transfer to another area to sow another toy terror. Scolding and shouting comes in the scene. Trust me - it’s not the most effective way to get kids to clean their own mess.

It’s easy to call a maid or book a professional cleaner from a cleaning company, right? Still, one of the most important jobs of a parent is teaching kids responsibilities. Some would say that they’re just kids. It’s natural for them to be messy. Of course it is, but along the way responsibility should be taught.

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Are you one of the millions of parents who are struggling to teach their kids how to clean their room? Here are the Manila Maid ways for effective teaching:

Remind them why clean room is the best

It can be annoying to get reminders. We don’t want stuff repeated over and over. We’ve been there. But kids need repetition. Of course, you don’t have to resort to verbal reminders. You can show creative kiddie videos about cleaning. Including pictures of other kids making the bed and doing other chores. It has great impact. Put pictures in order so it will be easier for kids to know what they should do next.

A pride of place

It’s a different feeling when we know the space is ours. If you tell kids that they are the kings or queens of their own kingdom, they will be compelled to make it look clean and fabulous. Let them choose how they want it look – from the wall colour to toy boxes. If they want them labelled and decorated, go ahead. If they want a Spiderman or Frozen bed sheets, allow them. Kids will feel more motivated to clean if they feel the place is theirs.

Be the role model

Not the fashion model but parents should be the role model to their kids. Kids are mostly learning through imitation – the best way to learn. Whatever they see in adults, it is correct in their eyes. Show your kids that you organize your own room, make your bed, do the laundry, or clean up your mess. You can also do the chores together. Let them see that mom and dad do what they preach.

The best advice? Believe in your kids. Show them that you have faith. Make them feel how proud you are each time they successfully organize their space. That way, you are not only raising responsible kids but confident too.

If you feel like your kids are not yet ready, you can always give us a call here at Manila Maid. We can help in your household woes. For a maid service around Makati, BGC, Mandaluyong, Ortigas or more, contact us at 0927-727-6803 or send us an e-mail at

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