Mattress Cleaning

Roll to the left! Roll to the right!

This, not a military drill. It's what you do while you're asleep. But isn't it a pet peeve if you discover that aside from getting a good night sleep, you are also getting the viruses and bacteria that are present in your dirty mattress?. Yes! That's right! Your very own mattress, ladies and gentlemen.

That's why it is important to clean/shampoo your mattress at least twice a year or quarterly to make sure that the bed where you rest is clean.

By thinking that you only replace your mattress from five to ten years, the benefits you can get from cleaning your mattress is also enormous is as it helps eliminate bacteria and viruses like E. Coli and Staphylococcus/ Streptococcus that you can get from the dirty mattress resulting to skin allergies or nasal allergies like rhinitis and pimples especially on your back.

Cleaning the mattress can reduce unwanted stains from the mattress like seminal stain, blood spills (like menstrual fluid), sweat (which sums up to about 26 gallons per year), skin cells because dust mites feed off excess skin shed which we do while sleeping and accident spills. However, this can be prevented by using a mattress protector. Note though, that mattress protector still need to be washed at least once a month.

By ensuring the cleanliness of your mattress, you are also taking care of your health and your hygiene

After learning about the benefits of getting your mattress cleaned, here are some tips that can prevent it from getting dirty too quickly.

First, always make sure that the mattress is in a well-ventilated area and avoid placing it directly on the floor or solid surface as it prevents the mattress from having enough ventilation thus resulting on the build-up of mildew.

Secondly, make certain that you change bed sheets and pillowcase once a week to make sure that the dirt and bacteria from your clothes or body will not seep through the mattress and avoid getting it damp as it can lead to accumulation bugs/ fungi making your mattress their home and of other bacteria.

There are multiple ways to provide good maintenance and care for your mattress and most of them are doable. You don't even need to hire somebody to do them. You can watch videos on the internet for the steps on how to clean them thoroughly. The problem is if you do not have the time to do it yourself.

No worries, because there is someone who you can count on and that is the Manila Maid!

A company which specializes in janitorial and cleaning services. Manila Maid cleaners are trained to do the mattress cleaning using cleaning agents specifically for mattress care so they are safe and without a doubt can make your mattress clean.

Booking a cleaning is done through the following:


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