Organize your closet just in time for the summer.

Here are some really helpful tips on how to beautify your closet. One goal you need to keep in mind is this: IF YOU CAN SEE IT, YOU CAN FIND IT.

  1. Before folding or hanging clothes up, take everything out and go over your clothings, bags, accessories and shoes. Are there any clothes that don't fit you anymore? Or clothes that you've not used for more than a year? How about outdated accessories? Shoes that are just not cool anymore? Separate all of these and donate.It no longer has any room inside your closet.

  2. After you're done getting rid of clothes and shoes that you will no longer wear, organize your clothes a certain way so it won't be difficult to fin what you are looking for. How? Simple. You can do color coding, or separate casual wear, work wear formal wear & active wear. This not only saves you time in the mornings to get ready, but it also makes your closet better to look at.

  3. Make use of hooks. Look at the space inside your closet that isn't covered by your clothes. Use these space for hooks to reclaim wasted space. Best for bags, belts, accessories, scarves, etc.

  4. Have more space for rods? It's likely that you would. A normal closet would have one rod on top however, a second rod can be added in the middle. This could be home to your pants and skirts.

  5. Get yourself some clear boxes. It might be considered as an eyesore but these boxes are awesome because it can be where you can put small items that can easily be lost in your closet. This way, you can see it right away and you won't be tempted to mess up because messing up means ugly closet.

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