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After a busy day, the sight of your bed is extremely enticing. The ultra soft mattress on your skin is definitely what you need. However, there’s one problem: you took your busy life a step further and now you forgot home cleaning - your mattress is now resided by unwelcome dust and insects. Gross. Not the best place to have sweet dreams, is it?

Your mattress needs the ultimate deep cleaning. One of the most common ways to clean your mattress is by exposing it to fresh air and sunlight, but we know that some of you city folks can’t bring your huge mattress down for some sun and air bathing.

We at Manila Maid, a home and office cleaning company based in Metro Manila, recommend you to follow these super easy deep cleaning steps for a fresher and cleaner mattress:

Step 1: Strip the mattress

If you strip your way to the bathroom to better clean yourself, your mattress should also be stripped off for a better cleaning too. Remove the mattress cover. Put the linens in the wash. The comforter and duvet should also go through a cleaning process. Check the labels for washing instructions. Now while your covers and linens have their own cleansing, it’s time to gear up for some serious mattress deep cleaning.

Step 2: The 3-in-1 deep clean solution

Take the deep cleaning easy. Simply prepare a 16-ounce box of baking soda, an essential oil, and a vacuum cleaner. You can use lavender and chamomile essential oils – depending on your preference. These oils are highly recommended because of their calming scent. Essential oils are also antibacterial. For a nice cleaning concoction, add 20 drops of essential oil to baking soda. Give it a good shake and rub the mixture to the mattress to start the wonders of deep cleaning. Let it sit for an hour. After that, slowly vacuum the mattress, making sure that the baking soda is all sucked in.

Tip: While waiting for the baking soda mixture to fully absorb, you can wipe down everything near your bed for a fresher sleeping area!

__Step 3: Keep it covered __

Finally, after the deep clean concoction (and some serious wiping), it’s now time to put your mattress back to where it belongs. Cover your mattress with your newly washed linens, comforter, and duvet. They are important as they protect your mattress from stains and other unwanted stuff.

Deep cleaning your mattress is just as important as cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. Those are all useless if you go to bed at night with a dirty mattress. We don’t want that to happen. Oh, how we love sleep! But we need to love our divine sleeping place too.

At Manila Maid, we don’t let the bed bugs bite. Literally. For mattress cleaning, home cleaning or even office cleaning needs in Metro Manila, you can give us a call at 0927-727-6803 or shoot us an email at __info@manilamaid.com__

Happy sleeping!

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