Moving out is a pain in the ass. It is such hard work that you almost dread it. So many things to pack and sort out that you're sure to be busy for weeks! After making sure everything is ready to go, you're left with a not-so-clean ex-home. You worry. Asking yourself, how to deal with this too? You hate the thought of your landlord charging ridiculous fee for cleaning.

Manila Maid can help you get your deposit back, or at least, get as much deposit back from your landlord by getting your home ready for new tenants. How? By providing top notch move-out cleaning.

What happens during a move out clean, you ask? See below for a detailed list:

Floors vacuumed and mopped with floor cleaner Windows washed and wiped Toilets, sinks, shower area and tub are scrubbed and disinfected Lighting, fixtures, mirrors are all dusted and wiped Kitchen surface sanitized Kitchen cabinet cleaned inside and out Refrigerator, stove top, microwave cleaned inside and out Wiping and dusting of pantry and shelves Cleaning of electric fans Cleaning of walls and doors Vacuuming of blinds and shutters and more cleaning can be customised based on client's needs

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