Commercial cleaning wipes is one of the best solutions to go to whenever we experience unavoidable spills. Its essence is to minimize the spread of dirt, germs, and bacteria in our kitchen as they frequently happen. However, not only they are costly and unpractical, but they also pose environmental concerns as they are only of single-use.

Being a practical homeowner that we are, we consider it of utmost importance that the cleaning tools and detergents that we use leave minimal environmental footprints and cost-efficient while making sure that our home is clean and germ-free. And that is why we propose to you the basics of a homemade cleaning wipes.

There are many homemade wipes recipes that we can find on the internet however the most essential recipe would be the best way to go unless you want to add some extra ingredients that can make it more efficient in cleaning than it already is.

You can also choose between paper towel roll which is a lot cheaper than the usual cleaning wipes and fabric towels, which if were to choose, we'd go for the latter for cost effectivity and because it's environmentally friendly since you can just wash and re-use.

Having said that, here is a simple recipe and steps in making your very own homemade cleaning wipes.


•    1 medium-sized container with lid (glass is more preferable because plastic containers tend to react with essential oils)
•    20 pcs of fabric cut into 10-inch square (you can use old clothes/ old blanket or microfiber rugs as they are more absorbent and efficient in terms of cleaning)
•    1 and 1/2 cup of distilled water
•    ½ cup of vinegar
•    ½ cup of rubbing alcohol
•    5-6 drops of dishwashing liquid soap
•    15 – 20 drops of essential oils (this is optional as there are people who are allergic to essential oils but if you are not, feel free to use your favorite scent of Essential oil) 


•    In a bowl, mix the  distilled water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dishwashing liquid soap and essential oils(optional)  properly and set aside;
•    Place the 20 pcs of fabric inside the glass jar ;
•    Pour the liquid solution on the glass jar and close it with the lid and turn the jar upside down to make sure that the liquid is well distributed among the fabrics.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: You can use a different amount of dishwashing liquid depending on your needs. The tougher the grease and stain is, the more dishwashing liquid you can use.

A different mix of Essential oil also good to achieve your desired scent.

Now you are good to go!

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