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As a homeowner, you need to keep your house clean and organized. Your home is the place to relax and spend your precious me time. You don’t want to relax and have your personal time in a messy place, do you? However, we know home cleaning can be a huge pain in the gut. That’s a lot of work! Just the thought of spending time with your dusty windows, spider web-infested wall corners, grease and water spots-dominated bathroom and kitchen make you cringe.

If home cleaning isn’t your thing, it could be someone else’s. You don’t have to worry. That someone else is now working in a cleaning company dedicated to giving you the amazing and affordable house cleaning and condo cleaning services. If you live around Metro Manila particularly in Makati and BGC areas, there are reliable cleaning companies that can save you from headache.

However, some people would say that hiring a maid from a cleaning company is a luxury. Well you might think of that but there is a lot of reasons why you need a professional cleaner. Here are a few of those reasons – especially if you live around Metro Manila where there is pollution everywhere:

Professional cleaners are cleaning ninjas

This is a fact. Well not the literal ninjas of course. But professional cleaners are trained to give the best – from cleaning to dusting to sanitizing. You name it. They know something we don’t about cleaning. They know how to get the job done smoothly.

Another plus is that professional maids bring their own supplies. They have every equipment and tools to fight back the dust and all other evil elements in your home.

Your time is too precious

Okay, let’s face it. A cleaning date with your house can cost you your time. You might have to beat some deadlines at work or other errands to take care of. You’re just too busy. General cleaning can take up to 3 hours - especially the dreadful deep cleaning. DEEP CLEANING! Who wants to spend half of the day sorting out the mess at home? Here at Manila Maid, we understand that your time is more valuable than anything else. Why slave around your home when you can just book a maid service to do the job?

Save more money in your piggy bank

Right now you might be asking how on earth you can save money if you hire a professional maid service. Here’s the idea: if you leave your home surfaces to rot with all the dust, oil, and insects, chances are your home will need repairing. That will cost you 10 times the cost of regular and deep cleaning. Ouch. You can feel the pain in your pocket, can’t you?

Again, hiring a professional cleaner might sound expensive. But, guess what? Hiring a reliable cleaning companies is a smart idea and a money-wise decision.

For deep cleaning or regular condo or house cleaning services around Metro Manila such as Makati, Taguig, Mandaluyong, San Juan, or BGC contact Manila Maid at 0927-727-6803 or send an email at

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